Residential Phone Numbers

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Residential phone numbers from suburbs of your choice, please read and understand the below;

Selected suburbs are to be added on the cart page.

Data will be collected in real time once the order is placed.

Data will come in the form of an organised, easy to navigate spreadsheet.

Data will be provided in order of the customers preference, the customer will provide their 5 most preferred locations to ensure success.

Note: Please reach out via messenger with any hesitation or questions and we will endeavour to answer them in a timely manner. Messenger icon is on screen (bottom right).

Example order process:

  1. Customer orders x1000 numbers. They will state 5 preferred suburbs for residential phone data collection upon confirmation of order.
  2. The customer lists their preferred suburb in order, with 'Suburb 1' being the favourite, and 'Suburb 5' being last favourite. 
  3. If 'Suburb 1' has more than 1000 residential phone numbers, then they will receive data only from this suburb. 
  4. If 'Suburb 1' has less than 1000 residential phone numbers, the order will start filling from 'Suburb 2' and so on until the order size is fulfilled. 
  5. The customer must write their chosen suburbs upon order confirmation at the end in the form of comments.