Residential Phone Numbers - About Us

Residential phone numbers provide business owners with the opportunity to own local data from the surrounding suburbs and farm it in order to grow their business. Residential phone lists are compiled on spreadsheets so that people from industries across New Zealand and Australia can work on their business with confidence and accuracy. 

Residential phone numbers give people the opportunity to reach out to local suburbs, whether you’re in the real estate industry, landscape/garden services, house washing or any other similar domestic or residential services. 

With the desire to grow your business and the motivation to act upon it, business owners from different walks of life are able to make a difference to their lives by beginning to make an impact in their local area. 

In our experience, a handful of phone calls at the end of the day can make a tremendous difference to your business.

Making an extra 20 calls at the end of your day offers incredible potential and opportunity to build your business faster than any costly advertising campaign might. An effortless 20 calls at the end of your day, or when you have some spare time at lunch would amount to a massive 6,720 phone calls a year to potential clients. What would that do for your business?

This practice would undoubtedly do incredible things for you and your business in terms of growth and revenue in the short-term, without even mentioning the long-term potential. 

Residential phone numbers deliver your data to you with the option for additional support in the form of; organising your spreadsheet effectively, calendarising follow ups and call-backs as well as useful scripts that have proven themselves effective in this practice.

Whether you’re experiencing a slow period in your business’ growth or flying on cloud nine, there is always room for more clients and additional revenue. Residential phone numbers offer you the opportunity to create this for yourself and long into the future as you own the data for life.

Growth in your business awaits.